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Home bakery in the village

Safsufa 5 minutes drive

A homemade bakery that also serves breakfast. Closed on Saturdays. 



Fried Circassian pastry

Rehaniya 12 minutes drive

Haluz. Fried homemade Circassian cheese pastry. You can take coffee instead. Authentic and simple

Video how to get there

יקב אדיר ארוחות בוקר.png

Adir winery

Dalton Park 10 minutes drive

Breakfast or a luxurious double brunch on the basis of goat cheeses. The meal includes a plate of goat cheeses, Galilee omelette, country bread with goat's butter and home-made confiture, green salad with nuts and cranberries, natural juice and dessert - goat's ice cream. Breakfast is served until 12:00. Telephone for advance coordination: 04-6991039

גן עדן.jpg

Gan eden- Italian restaurant

Safed 20 minutes drive

In Mount Canaan (Safed), an excellent dairy-Italian restaurant offering amazing breakfasts. It is recommended to combine with a trip to Old Safed and the Biriya Fortress. Closed on Saturdays. 69-72434-04

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