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summit trail- meron mountain

At 1200 meters, Mt. Meron is the second highest mountain in Israel after Mt. Hermon. During the winter months, the climate is usually cold and rainy - often even snowy. However, all the rain makes for a gorgeous, green summer. During the summer months the dense forest offers shade to some great hiking trails. There are lots of different trails on the  mountain. You can choose one that will take you anywhere from one to five hours. The most popular trail is the “summit trail” which will take you to the top of the mountain. To do this hike, follow the signposts from the parking lot that are marked in red and read: “Path to the summit of the mountain”.  This path will take you on a circular route around the summit and you will pass three lookout points along the way. From these lookout points you can see Safed, Tiberias, the Galilean Hills, as well as the northernmost villages on the Lebanese border. The trail will return you to the parking lot. A huge draw to Mt. Meron is the grave of the great Kabbalist, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai. People come from all over the world to pray here.

Adir Mountain Overlook

The mountaintop, whose altitude is a little over 1,000 meters, views not only the beautiful landscapes of northern Israel but also Lebanon, the land where the war was waged against Hezbollah. When you are in the heart of nature, it is hard to believe that not far from here, so many soldiers were killed. The observation point includes a wooden deck, explanation signs that recount the story of the war, metal plaques engraved with the names of the fallen soldiers and maps of the area.

Nahal Amud

Nahal Amud (Pillar river), is located in the valley below Tzefat, and is considered one of the most scenic and beautiful hiking trails in Northern Israel. The name of the valley actually comes from a point along the trail where a large stone pillar protrudes up from the riverbed. It is possible to enter the trail at Meron, but we chose to start a bit further downstream at Nachal Amud. The valley itself extends all the way from Tzefat in the northeast and empties into the Kinneret in the south, past the Meron mountain range in the west (about 20 km. total in length). At the entrance to the trail, there is a large parking area and next to it bathroom facilities, a snack bar, and a covered picnic area. There are trail maps available with instructions, facts and historical data about the area. The trail is 4 km. long round trip and takes between 3-4 hours (depending on your own pace). The actual length of the trail does not appear to be intimidating at first glance but be forewarned it includes a steep long climb of 170 meters; Not an easy task in the hot summer sun. 

Zefat- old city

in the Upper Galilee lies the mystical city of Tzfat – or Safed, as it is often spelled. Along with Hebron, Tiberias and Jerusalem, Tzfat is considered one of Israel’s four holiest cities to Jews. It’s been written that the Messiah will one day arise from Tzfat on his way to Jerusalem. 


A Galilean restaurant with a rich bar combination and a selection of the best beer in the world with authentic, modern cylindrical food that creates an experience in different thinking and forgotten flavors.
The restaurant specializes in pork and meat smoking, fresh salads and selected local ingredients.
The restaurant inspires artistic inspiration, local music and personal touches of a country house.


Bat Yaar Ranch Restaurant

The restaurant is situated in a unique wooden building. In winter a log fire warms the atmosphere, in the summer it is air-conditioned. Background country music is played and the seating is around wooden tables.

At the ranch we choose prime fresh cuts of veal, each piece receiving special, professional, personal attention. The meat passes a special natural ageing process. Our grillman cuts the meat to order, weighs it, and finally cooks it on our flamed charcoal grill.

Hunter house

Chef Hunter House offers a range of fine old-fashioned chunks of meat that are roasted in open fire and in front of diners' eyes on a special Dutch wood grill located in the center of the restaurant and all in a magical atmosphere of a true hunter's house. The restaurant is housed in an ancient stone structure at the entrance to the village, a natural wooden ceiling, huge natural wooden chairs and other elements. On the tables are bowls of natural peanuts that diners are invited to drop their bark to the floor, with legend telling that this action has brought people luck.

Rimon- visitor center

It all began when father and son Gaby and Avi Nachmias, read an article about the pomegranate’s therapeutic qualities and decided to develop a new variety of the fruit for eating. The first three years of growth revealed the new variety to be deep red in color and containing an exceptionally high quantity of all kinds of vitamins. 
Laboratory tests further proved that this variety was suited to the production of  quality wine.

In 2003 the Nachmias family decided to produce 2,000 bottles of  wine which met with great success among all who tasted it. This success led to the establishment the following year of a commercial production line  which was very well received in Israel and abroad.In addition to exceptional clarity, rich color and an unusual and appealing flavor, the wine also has a hidden bonus in the wealth of vitamins and healing properties found in the pomegranate fruit, including – as recently discovered – not o

Adir winery- Wine, cheese,chocolate

At the heart of the Upper Galilee region, along the slopes of Admon Mountain, is an inspiring family winery that has raised the standard of Israeli wine to a whole new level. Adir Winery produces high quality wines that are a true reflection of the favorable conditions in which their grapes were grown and harvested.

Adir wines excel in their aroma, taste and body. They are a true gift of nature, grown with the love of the earth, nurtured by the warm mediterranean sun and produced with ultimate care and a commitment to uncompromising quality.

Gan eden- resturant

Gan Eden Restaurant in Zfat , Italian-style, vegetarian restaurant, specializing in fish dishes. The restaurant is located in an ancient building on the slopes of Mt. Canaan. The menu includes special entrees, main courses that are a treat and original desserts that are famous throughout the region, as well as a selection of wines.

The restaurant's picturesque building is divided into four separate spaces, three of which are dining rooms, with a pleasant, relaxing parlor separating them. Seating is also available on the sun terrace overlooking the panorama of Mt. Meron.

Sambusak Arazim - Authentic druze food

Some say that all roads in the Western Galilee lead through Hurfeish, and anyone passing Hurfeish stops at Sambusak Ha’arazim, the long-standing establishment of Amar Hasan whose Tabun produces crispy Sambusak rich with olive oil.

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