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Rimon- visitor center

Dalton Park 10 minutes drive

It all began when father and son Gaby and Avi Nachmias, read an article about the pomegranate’s therapeutic qualities and decided to develop a new variety of the fruit for eating. The first three years of growth revealed the new variety to be deep red in color and containing an exceptionally high quantity of all kinds of vitamins. 
Laboratory tests further proved that this variety was suited to the production of  quality wine.

In 2003 the Nachmias family decided to produce 2,000 bottles of  wine which met with great success among all who tasted it. This success led to the establishment the following year of a commercial production line  which was very well received in Israel and abroad.In addition to exceptional clarity, rich color and an unusual and appealing flavor, the wine also has a hidden bonus in the wealth of vitamins and healing properties found in the pomegranate fruit


Adir winery-Wine,cheese, chocolate

Dalton Park 10 minutes drive

At the heart of the Upper Galilee region, along the slopes of Admon Mountain, is an inspiring family winery that has raised the standard of Israeli wine to a whole new level. Adir Winery produces high quality wines that are a true reflection of the favorable conditions in which their grapes were grown and harvested.

Adir wines excel in their aroma, taste and body. They are a true gift of nature, grown with the love of the earth, nurtured by the warm mediterranean sun and produced with ultimate care and a commitment to uncompromising quality.

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Dalton winery

Dalton Park 10 minutes drive

Nestled in the heart of the Galilee, adjacent to the beautiful village of Kerem Ben Zimra, Dalton Winery is a gem that derives its excellence from the skills of its people and the natural gifts of its surroundings.

Established in 1995 by father and son Mat and Alex Haruni, the two identified the potential of the Upper Galilee, envisioning it as a premium wine producing region.Bringing to the area international winemaking expertise and additional resources, their aim was to help make the region thrive, create new job opportunities and promote tourism.

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